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What is Suso

Suso is a web hosting and Internet services provider and website development company.

Why choose Suso

From the very beginning, Suso was focused on being a great environment for websites. We are web developers for web developers.

Where is Suso

Suso is located in Bloomington, Indiana, in the heart of the American Midwest. Bloomington is host to the world renowned Indiana University. Our location allows us to take advantage of more economical power and Internet bandwidth pricing. Many significant Internet backbones are close to our location too, meaning that Suso is not only in the heart of America but also that it is at the heart of the Internet itself.

Specifically, our offices and data center are located in downtown Bloomington in Fountain Square, Suite 222.

Who is Suso

Suso is more than just a company, its a community. Our staff works with our customers to provide great services that reflect what our customers need.