Head in the clouds, feet on the ground...
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Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground.

by Mark Krenz, Founder of Suso.

Welcome friend. For more than a decade Suso has been providing reliable web hosting services. We have become famous for our great support, attention to detail, keeping level heads and looking forward. We may take a little longer to get the latest features available, but that's only because we want to do things the right way for our clients and not just to make a buck.

The web hosting industry is a confusing place these days, a never-ending onslaught of numbers, terms, technologies and philosophies. It can be hard to remember what you are looking for and what is important when choosing a web host. What we think is important is that your website has the support, features and reliability it needs. The focus is on your website, not on ours.

Which would you rather have? A hosting company that can get you as a customer, or one that knows how to keep you as a customer.