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Suso's Consumer Privacy Policy

At Suso, we take your privacy incredibly seriously. Really. That's not just a line. We've even gone so far as to invent new technologies and techniques in order to properly safeguard your information when we weren't satisfied with the industry standards in common use. We also take measures to try to keep yourself from jeopardizing your own private information and keeping your account safe.

Not all information is considered private however and some is considered less private. So we've divided the pieces of information into classes, which each have a different level of safeguarding and access control.

Please take care before sending out any of the following information yourself and keep in mind that these are our access controls and they are only as good at protecting your information as you are. Thus, it is possible for you to "shoot yourself in the foot" and make private information accessible if you are careless. Please be careful.

Class 0: Information not retained or collected

This information is either not collected or retained by Suso, its employees or affiliates. There many types of information that fall into this category of course, below is a list of the types of information that most people care about.

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit card CCV2 number (the 3 or 4 digit number, usually on the back of your card)

Class 1: Very sensitive

This is information that is very sensitive and is only available to Suso employees on a need to know basis. If possible, it is only saved in encrypted form and every effort is made to ensure it is not viewable by other users. Most of this information is stored on isolated servers that are employee access only.

  • Account password(s)
  • Credit card number(s)
  • Secret account validation answer

Class 2: Sensitive

This information should only be viewable by Suso employees in specific roles such as billing or system administration.

  • Any temporary password used for your account to give you initial access
  • Your contact information and alternate e-mail addresses
  • Any information used to sign up for an account
  • Database password (Due to how its used, this can't be encrypted, but we do store it safely in a secure file)
  • Your E-mail stored on Suso servers
  • Website files
  • Other files in your account directory

Class 3: Protected

This is information that is not considered sensitive, but is protected so that it shouldn't be viewable by other users on a shared system or through other means.

  • Website log files
  • E-mail log files
  • Other log files

Class 4: Might be viewable by other Suso users

This is information that may be seen at times by other Suso users due to the nature of being on shared servers or other services. Since some information is accessible through community. We still make efforts to protect this data and will take action against anyone who uses

  • Your name
  • Your username
  • Your website hostnames
  • Your e-mail address
  • Website statistical information on top websites page (can be hidden through user preferences)
  • Processes that you run on your account

Class 5: Public

This information is considered public and no effort is made to protect it from being viewed by others.

  • Your Suso community name
  • General statistics about Suso as a whole (not identifying specific accounts)
  • Testimonials given with permission of customer
  • Website content that is not protected through means of website password