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Suso Shared Website Hosting Services

Shared web hosting is Suso's most popular service. If you need to start a website or spot to host an existing one, a shared web hosting account from Suso is the way to go. No worries about managing a whole server because we take care of that for you. You can just login to your account and get started.

Shared web hosting includes many the following features:

  • Support for static websites and dynamic websites.
  • Support for web applications such as blogs, photo galleries, forums, online stores, social media sites and your own custom applications.
  • Database support through MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and BerkleyDB.
  • High capacity servers to ensure that there are enough resources for everyone.
  • Secure setup so that your website is isolated from others on the server.
  • No limits on the amount of disk space your website can use.
  • E-mail accounts with spam filtering, IMAP and webmail support.
  • Use your own domain name for your site such as
  • Easy to use web control panel to make changes to your account, request new websites.
  • Multiple websites can be hosted from one account.
  • Excellent support from Suso's support team and community members.

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